I visited an old coal mine the other day and I saw this beautiful mine car and support strut at the entrance and I can’t help but take few shots of the remaining evidence of years gone by. The place is so fascinating I stayed there till dark. I must have taken hundreds of photographs of the buildings and the surrounding area. At one point I even squeezed myself in between fence which is already vandalized open to gain access so I can take pictures of the inside. I know it’s dangerous. Dozens of warning signs hang on every crumbling wall but I can’t help myself, it’s so damn gorgeous, the place.  As Arnie said: I’ll be back!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changes

17 thoughts on “Changes”

    1. I can see you’re practicing your language 🙂 Where the interest came from? Mines here are preserved and most become places of interests with bars restaurants, shops, hotels and shopping complex. Others are keep the way they are including miners’ houses and sold them to people to live in with the condition of nothing is to be altered. This one is in the process of renovating and preserving but it’s not there yet. Not by a long shot. At this moment it’s an abandoned derelict lonely awesome place.

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      1. It totally sounds like my type of place, as you well know 🙂 Hope to see those other photos some day. Have a great weekend!


      2. Personally I prefer things like that than the usual candlelight dinner and uber romantic attempts. But I guess it always depends on the people who are dating. Have a restful night and interesting weekend.

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      3. I very much agree. It is way better than the traditional as you say. Far more interesting and better way of knowing each other than awkward dinner conversation. At least for me! Take care


      4. Hmm actually about an hour north of the city at a place called Bear Mountain there is the remains of an old mine and a little abandoned village. Only been there once because it is very hard to find. That could be a fun date!


      5. No I went looking for it years ago but it was before I had a camera😒 Actually thought about heading up there again recently. If I do expect lots of photos!


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