Value? It’s a fast disappearing principle along with morals, respect, integrity, dignity truth and honesty. It is going down the drain together with peace, harmony, tolerance, faith, and loyalty. Not to mention safety. All those traits are becoming things of the past. Everything good seems to be belonging to another era, and maybe it is. I’m glad I’m old and soon to be has been. I don’t want to live another fifty years witnessing this world and society head for inevitable self-destruction. I know that every generation has its own ‘good old days’ and good old days seem to be always part of the distant past but those were the days’ phrase is never been more appropriate than today where almost nothing good is happening. Don’t watch the news, it will give you nightmares and makes you paranoid and suspicious you will not want to go out anymore.

What are the things people of today value the most aside from power and money? Beauty? Popularity? Image, Status? Always have been, you might say. True, but it is never more apparent than today it seems to be the only purpose of everyone’s existence. And at the cost of family, friendship, health, happiness and peace of mind. People hurry towards damnation. They don’t have time for things that money cannot buy. They need constant stimulation, diversion, confirmation in the form of material things. Nothing seems to be good enough. It has to be bigger and better with maximum wow-effect. But the fix doesn’t last for long. Novelty wears out the moment the object of desire is acquired or within reach.

Rarely you will encounter people on the streets wearing genuine smiles and having good times (unless they are intoxicated) No, they look morose and often unfriendly. If you say hello they will throw you a glance bordering on either awe, confusion or downright violent.

What is happening to us? Where are we heading? What kind of legacy we aspire to leave for the future generation? Are we educating the young ones to be what? Careless, cold, cruel and vicious individuals? Are we turning them into educated savages? Heartless robots? I know that it is (probably) too late to change the course of humanity. We have gone too far to go back. But maybe, just maybe, we can still alter the path of tomorrow. If we start now, maybe we can still manage to leave a better world for our successors.

There is no harm in hoping.


3 thoughts on “Value”

  1. That is depressing. Every age thinks it remembers a better time but change is what happens with time and in time. The only positive thing we can do is live righteously, harm no-one, vote sensibly and speak out for the defenceless. It’s not all bad, there is hope.


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