You cannot really fit her into any stereotypes and that I guess makes people uncomfortable and makes her all the more gorgeous and mysterious. At one moment she appears to be elusive, distant and at other you will see her melting while listening to her favorite song or reading her favorite lines. When everyone is busy trying to put her gypsy soul in a box, she never give in; instead she continues to dance to the music of her own heart…

Just from the looks of it t feels like she is someone who should have given up a long time back. Her feet are bruised and her hands still shiver every time she thinks of those memories and past, but something doesn’t allow her to just sit and rest and allows everyone else to redefine her. Some people say she has that spark,  others say that she has too much pride, but all you need to know about her is that even in the darkest of nights, her spirit will strive to see the morning light, that even after everything that happened and will happen, the fire in her heart will always survive…

You can tell it from the sadness that lurks in her eyes that she had been engulfed by darkness so many times.  Shattered. Broken. Bleeding. Left in terrible pain with scarred skin, open wounds and yet, she can sit under the moon and feel every star as if she’s one of them, leaving me in awe of her and making me realize that her heart is a flower that can bloom in darkness, even without light…

She isn’t perfect; in fact, she is far away from it. Her eyes are always searching for something she is not even sure if it really does exists.  She often closes her eyes and wishes for her heart to have more courage, for the chaos that brews in her mind is sometimes too much to handle. She never tries to hide her flaws and wears them with pride together with the scars on her skin which are the proof she survives good battles.  She’s not perfect but she’s real, there is no sign of pretense. She always tries to be as honest as possible and in the end, that is what matters…

Don’t try to understand her. Her heart is a mosaic made of pieces of all the things she ever loved. She is the books she reads, she is the nights she spent gazing at the stars, she is her favorite songs, she is all the times she felt her heart is too heavy from lifting the weight of the past, and she is nostalgia wraps in a a surreal moments of beauty. She is the sunsets that she watched, and the summer which gives a sigh of relief as soon as it hits with the first drizzle. Don’t understand her. Just dwell in her presence and let her be…

When she is happy, she is walking on sunshine with that gorgeous smile, and an aura that is hard to miss.  On other days, you would see her slowly closing herself down, shutting her heart to the outside world, and slowly succumbing to the chaos that has risen inside the folds of her being. She feels every little thing from the depths of her heart; she takes pride in living without layers, living without any sort of pretense of masks.  They tell her not to live on extremes; they tell her to find balance and not to feel passionately for every little thing.  She doesn’t know how to do that because for her living and feeling are the same thing…

She is beautifully chaotic in her own ways, so if you do fall for her, expect it to be a wild chase.  With her, there is no balance; she always plays in extremes ends of life, sometimes as wild as fire and at others as cold as ice. Some people do tell her that she is too much to handle but I can tell this much that she is genuine and her feelings real and there are no lies in her eyes.  She is terrifyingly beautiful in the sense that she expresses her soul.  Her eyes has spark, her voice has passion.  You can throw her in fire but she can love deeply even in flames…

She still has rough edges around her soul and she never wants to be told that she is pretty.  She is the one with bruised hands, and a tired heart. She is the one who gets locked in cages but is still able to fight her way out.  She is the one who likes her face rough and without makeup.  She is the one with words that cuts through your spine, she doesn’t care about pleasing, and she comes straight to the point.  She is always hungry for more and knows nothing about the word elegance.  Maybe she is terribly broken and hurt, but her spine can never be bent to will…

She is the kind of book you want to read in complete solitude with at best just a mug of coffee. Her each page is stained with brutal honesty and raw vulnerability, to the point where you start shivering. Oh, but oh, she’s such a page turner. She is the kind of book which you feel like shutting at this very instant. Damn. She’s making you uncomfortable but you cannot put her aside because you know her soul has too much truth. She is the kind of book which will overwhelm your entire being and you will start throwing around her best written quotes. She is the kind of book you will never really finish, for each time you re-read her, she has different ending…

~ HD #Honest Musing

29 thoughts on “She”

      1. I have someone to whom I can tell everything (and I mean everything! e.g. Past boyfriends, present crushes, likes, dislikes, dreams, fantasies, dark thoughts…) I am not sure if that’s a good thing. Too much familiarity breeds contempt they say. Keep some of the mysteries hidden from your partner, don’t pee with the door open and don’t wake up next to him without make up. I’m guilty of all charge. Still he says he cannot fathom me. Expect the unexpected he said.

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      2. It is true what you say about too much familiarity, and I suppose it depends on the people involved and the personalities involved. Some people are more bothered by the openness. Like ‘you’re with me now, I don’t care about the first person you did this or that too.’ Other people are just open and blurt out the most personal stuff as if they were sneezing lol. I fall somewhere in between


  1. This is marvelous description of an enigmatic person. Your word choice as images–mosaic, book, chaos, and more–is captivating. The paragraphs and passages are so well-crafted. Wonderful work, even if writing about this person is a challenge to match the challenge of being her. Thank you!


  2. That was beautiful and wonderfully descriptive! I found myself lost for a couple of minutes as I read that piece. I really felt like I was with her or even seeing through her eyes. Very lovely 🙂


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