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I do believe that I am suffering from a mild case of slight peculiarity
This I do find greatly distressing.
Indeed, far from being vaguely odd,
It merely tars me with the same characteristics as that of the mundane multitude,
Whom are the normality.

A greater insult I could not possibly fathom.
Do not, I beg you, take this as an offence.
It’s merely that I had always reveled in the delightful assurance that I was what they call, “unique”, “individual, “abnormal”.

But to learn that this solid truth which I once held so dear is no more than a fallacy?
That is an incredible blow!
How can I ever again look down on the popular masses?
How can I ever again look the truly strange in the eye?
Is there even a faint glimmer of hope?

Alas, my last resort.
I shall endeavour to be what people refer to as
“dull”, “boring” “ordinary”
Yet this prospect fills me with much intense excitement!

Oh, and it is a struggle to contain!
However, contain it I must. So, as not to shatter the illusion;
The thin veil that separates me from the sheeps of the world.

Please welcome the incredible,
The amazing,
The most utterly wonderful,
Brand spanking new,
Conventional me!

~ found treasure


Mind the Gap

The moment I read the Discover Challenge for this week it immediately brought to mind Cassandra Calin, a Romanian born- Canadian artist and graphic designer who draws amazing cartoons about realities of life versus expectations in whimsical ways showing the lighter side and funny aspects of everyday problems. I like her. I like her humor and find her inspiring. You can see some of her works here. I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it. She always makes me laugh.


Starry Starry Night

This song of Don McLean about the late Vincent Van Gogh is not only a magnificent tribute to a genius artist of all generations but the lyrics itself appeal to most of the senses. The words speak of beauty, colors, weather, seasons, feelings, hopes and dreams. The accompanying video shows the paintings of Van Gogh for all to see. Truly Amazing.

Weekly Discover Challenge


I saw this trio of lighted orbs during one of my visits to garden centers. They were mesmerizing. I can look at them for hours. The lights were low, couldn’t use a flash, it was difficult to take a proper shots but I tried anyway and somehow I managed.

If you want to see more, check out my other entries here in my photography blog. See you there.