Our Community

I heard  some commotion outside 

To find out what it was  I ran to the window 

I saw a man and a woman fighting  

Oh, my God!  They were my neighbors below! 

The woman hurling personal  effects

At  the man who was  leaving

He gathered up clothes, picked up his keys

And completely  ignored her

Eric was just a small fish

She told him he was not worth a dime

There were so many men out there 

What she needed was a bigger pond

He looked at her long and hard

Then got into his car and said

I wasted eight years of my life on you

That Olga, I deeply, deeply regret

From behind the window 

watched him drove away

What had gone wrong?

I thought they were happy

How about their children

Where they gonna stay?

If they get a divorce,

It sure will be messy

I came home from work next day

And while opening the front door

The other old neighbor saw me 

And she hurriedly came to say:

“Did you hear?”

I asked: what is going to happen now?

After I told her what I have witnessed 

She said: nothing,  it’s Olgas’ house 

Eric is nobody but a guest

I was shocked to the core but she didn’t notice

They were renovating last month and just added a pool

The children she told me are not from Eric

They fought because he started questioning her rules

Apparently Olga started her campaign

Beautifying her house since the time we moved in

She told to the neighbors if that foreign woman

Can find a young rich guy surely she also can 

I was speechless but the old woman told me

That is nothing child compare to our neighbor Marie

She first dated a contractor, then a plumber

A carpenter and now someone with big money

All that just to finish her house 

Now, she’s with the owner of a menagerie

Did you see her riding her beautiful horse?

She’s gladly parading it around the neighborhood

Clearly, I have to go out more and socialize

I missed out on a lot of things about our community

But then again I’m not that kind of woman

I don’t thrive on gossips and other people’s device

So, I’m going to let them lead their merry lives

the way they see fit without interference from me

I have my own purpose and goals to achieve

They have their own agenda, our lively community.