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Sweet is the last noun or adjective that you can associate with me literally or figuratively. Just by looking at something like these make my stomach turns. Don’t get me wrong. I love the look of them. They are (mostly) pretty and I love pretty things (why otherwise I often photograph them) but the prospect of consuming them just doesn’t appeal to me. 


My husband, on the other hand, hallucinates if he cannot consume anything that contains sugar.


But (there is a but. There is always a but) for churros in Spain I am always willing to make an exception. Especially if I can eat them for breakfast sitting at the front of a small stand by the sea, the sun on my face, people passing by, not hurrying but strolling, just enjoying the day.


If I can always start my day like this… But unfortunately the things and moments we crave for are often seldom or in the more popular turn of phrase: few and far between. Pity I couldn’t go on vacation forever. 


I once broke into an old abandoned coal mine to see what’s inside. I squeezed myself in between the chainlink fencing and gained access. Once inside, I saw why they prohibited anyone snooping around. The building was so dilapidated some of the walls were crumbling down and the ceiling could fall down any moment. But I love it. I love period, weathered, abandoned, old crumbling properties. They fascinate me. I feel they have interesting stories to tell.





Last summer I was walking along this (almost) barren coast in Majorca when I encountered these little beauties. And I thought: How they can grow and flourish in this extreme situation? 







It was hot, windy, suffocating and dry; so dry, and yet they look as if they are having a good time. I envy their tenacity and perseverance. Tough little angels. 

While most of us are struggling to grow anything in almost ideal circumstances with the help of everything available to us, these creatures are happily surviving without help other than what they can find in nature. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them. Don’t you think so? 

Neat and Tidy

It’s always nice to see things arranged in a proper order. Easy on the eye. Inviting. Inspiring. Shot worthy. Last Christmas I saw in the Supermarket rows of rows of gift wrapped chocolates. I am not fond of sweets but I can’t help but admire the colourful display. They are so tempting, neatly and appropriately dressed up for the holiday.  





It is Spring and it is difficult to ignore its presence. Nature has a way of announcing each season in a spectacular way. Take for instance these Magnolia and cherries flowers cascading from the trees in abundance. I took these pictures with my phone camera two days ago while taking one of my daily evening walks. Isn’t it fantastic? The flowers are so densely arranged I lost counts. I could stay there forever admiring them, bathing in the subtle aroma of the ephemeral blooms. How I wish it could stay this way but to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven they say.


Mesmerizing to watch. Hypnotic. Calming. Inspiring.

Water in every form fascinates me endlessly ever since I was a little child. I almost drowned three times but the experience never put fear in my heart. I used to jump from the top of a waterfall or a bridge and even now I walk close to the edge just to be near it. Water and sunlight- perfect combination to create life and translate them into something magical and beautiful through photography.