Every now and then I experience profound sadness I don’t know what to think or do with it. The feeling can come out of the blue and lingers for a few long minutes before it slowly seeps out of my consciousness like a vapor from a chimney pipe.

It differs from my usual state of melancholy which hangs around my person like an invisible cloak; it is not as half as heavy and never oppressing.  In a way, it envelops my mind in some kind of inner peace, almost resignation… then I could breathe rather freely which doesn’t happen often; it enhances my senses enabling me to be more in touch with my surroundings and appreciate the beauty of simple little things.

On these occasions, nothing matters but the moment itself; as if I am removed from the troubles and suffering of mankind, the inner peace I momentarily acquire protects me from worries and everything that goes with it. Then suddenly I see everything clearly and feel deeply almost elated but at the same time strong and determined. As if during this short span of time my spirit finds an oasis for my weary body and exhausted mind to rest for a while, to tap its inner strength which I badly needed to face the real world.

Then ever so slowly, I feel the mood gradually departing; like sands slipping through my fingers, the sensation ebbing and I am crowded again. It’s like a dark cloud passing over the face of the sun and there it stays. Nimbus clouds gather up rapidly over the summer’s sky and once again I become my usual self… laden and heavy with the worries of this world… but in some way different; I feel cleanse…


20 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. What a wonderful post. I think it is awesome you can describe your feelings so clearly. It sounds as if, for a time, you are “intune with the universe.”


    1. Awesome from you PJ is a great compliment. Thank you! And you summed up my post in one simple sentence 🙂 Yes, I can hear the grass growing, trees whispers, and know history of things when I touch them. Sometimes.

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      1. A blessing or a curse, it varies from time to time. I feel people’s troubles even when they are passing me in the streets. I hear a lie over the phone, I can feel animosity from a distance.

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      2. I can understand why you would say “a blessing and a curse.” You are highly perceptive, intuitive, in tune with nature and the universe. Those aren’t always abilities that would be easy to carry, especially the way the world is today.


  2. You know as I reflect on your words, i caant help but notice my own moments of unexplained sorrow. not knowing what I am,my purpose or my… whatever. I don’t mean to make this about me, but i always found in your writings that i learn a bit of you and a bit of myself. I don’t know if that statement could be understood as I meant it, but I hope so. I must add that i love the photography as usual. Be well my friend, and blessed.


    1. I think each one of us have similar moments somewhere in time. Feelings of sadness , happiness and lost is universal, it is only vary in degrees I guess. Don’t worry about making it about you, I’m glad my writings can evoke some feelings in someone. And if they can share it with me, so much the better. We are here to share or otherwise we write private journals.

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  3. how could you ever write a thick note like that. if only i could think like you, it would be a they say, write what you feel..i like it very much….


      1. i’m just wishing what is good and beautiful to me…anyway, it didn’t happen to me… only material things that i wish were able to come my way…4 days to go and it’ll be over…thanks for the thought…


      2. Material things… some find it the sum of all success. You’re right, just few more days and this course is over. Some classmates asked Ben for poetry challenge once a week. I second the motion. It would be a nice variation. Take care.

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      3. that’s right, if i may add, it’s the totality of all our needs and the collection of reasons why we have survived our own lives…it’s a good suggestion and i agree with the motion. thanks and God bless..


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