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“Girls get screwed.
Not that kind of screwed, what I mean is, they’re always on the short end of things.

The way things work, how 
guys feel great, but make girls feel
cheap for doing
exactly what 
they beg for.

The way they get to play you, 
all the while claiming they 
love you and making you 
believe it’s 

The way it’s okay to gift their heart one day, a backhand the next, 
to move on to the apricot
when the peach blushes and bruises.

These things make me believe God’s a man after all.” 

― Ellen Hopkins, Crank



Your Mother fed you stories about
a Prince Charming who’ll kiss you and
wake you up to take you away from
everything that’s wrong with this wretched
world. And when your parents screamed at
each other late at night, you pretended to
be asleep: you waited for someone, anyone,
who’ll hold your hands and sneak you out
to somewhere where noise doesn’t drown.
And when you sit crossed-legs at remote
cafes, reading Orwell with a sigh, you
expect to meet someone. All the stories
that you’ve been chewing about grand
romantic gestures and a blue-eyed stranger
falls flat on its face because you know
it’s not real. When I met you, you told me
Eiffel Tower is overrated, and romance is dead.
And I told you how love is nothing but
a combination of three chemicals acting funny
in our head. But yet, you caress my earlobe
and talk for whole five minutes about its shape.
And I — I look at you shivering at night from fear,
wondering if I can hold you to a deep sleep.
When you read to me, I wonder if you still
think about fairy tales. I wonder if
you realize this is not one. When I kiss you,
our moans are filled with terror. And when I hold
you, I do it like it’s the last time, because
one day we’ll wake up from this.
In this story, there’s no Prince Charming.
In this story, there’s no saving.
In this story, there’s just us,
until there isn’t.

~ The Honest Musing



Pull to refresh. Again and again. You’ve zero new notification, but you don’t know what to do now. So, there’s always Facebook – scroll away. Someone uploaded the photo of their food – like it. No, wait, heart it. Keep moving. Slowly. Steadily. Absorbing every irrelevant meme and information that’s been thrown in your direction.

Now, switch the app – go to Instagram. Scroll more. Explore. Did you get another DM? Check once more. Like random photos. Follow for follow. Look around. Is there anything worth capturing? Or just take a selfie. Try the new filters. You can make a Boomerang too – fake laugh for it, because the real one is any way rare these days.

Open the chat window. Type something. Backspace it. Delete. Send hi to 7 people, and then wait for their response. I know. I get it. We don’t know how else to deal with this gnawing loneliness. Talk with emoticons, because just words are no longer enough.

But there’s something more – do you feel it too? The anxiety, the pull of sadness, the sensation that something is off – but you just can’t pinpoint what. So, Google it. Search ‘how do I know if I am doing okay?’. Some 6946766668 results in less than 2.5 seconds. Open the first link, validate yourself: you’re fine. You don’t need to change. The world will adjust. You just keep slaying.

It’s 3 AM now. And you can’t sleep. Open incognito tab. Search for porn. Pick what you like. Masturbate while thinking about your ex. Wash your face and hope that this feeling of dread goes away, but it won’t. But it doesn’t. So, ask the Internet obscure things – am I depressed? Will I be fine? What’s the meaning of life? Why doesn’t 2+2 equal 5?

Close all the tabs. Lie on the bed. Turn and twist. Listen to something, but you just can’t fall asleep.

Open your phone again. Pull to refresh.

You’ve 1 new notification.

There. Do you feel any better?

-Hadik Nadar


For Love

Van Gogh gave his severed ear to a
prostitute, and decades later a woman
married the Berlin Wall because she
got too tired of leaving men. A couple
somewhere got surgery to look identical,
and in Florida, a man dug out his dead lover’s
body from the grave. But the prostitute flung
the ear in disgust, and the wall crumbled.
The surgery reminded her too much of his flaws,
and the corpse stank while it lay on the bed.
When I first met you, we talked about
how Sylvia Plath placed her head in the oven.
You laughed and said people do terrible
things when they think it’s for love.
And it reminds me of every time
I scraped wounds because it felt like intimacy.
How I squeezed tears out of those big, pale
eyes and called it vulnerability. When Antony died,
Cleopatra kept a snake on her chest and waited
for its bite. Maybe that’s how it ends: the venom
passing through the veins with slow movements,
dissolving everything with pleasure. Maybe that’s
how it should be: I wonder if the prostitute ever
realized that Van Gogh loved her.

~honest musing via Facebook



I stole this shot while passing by and had to do it quickly before he notices me. I couldn’t help it. The man, his dog, the place… it’s all perfect. 

(The feature image, I took while on vacation. I was sitting on a bus waiting for it to be filled and happened to witness an interaction between a mother and a daughter just outside my window. The girl wanted to play in the dirt but her mom didn’t allow her so she cried silently. I managed to capture one single shot before the bus took off. Can you see the single teardrop running down her cheek? And her expression… Priceless! This is probably one of the best candid shots I have ever taken in my life.)  



At long last...

After sitting in a shoe box inside the closet with four others for almost twenty years, I finally have the courage to publish the second installment in a pentalogy of autobiographical stories about a need and desire so strong it transcends time and death. Each book in this series can stand alone and can be read in any order.

ask yourself:

What are you prepared to give up for freedom? How far are you willing to go to follow your heart’s desire?  Would you put everything on the line for something that cannot last? Do you have enough courage to challenge the status quo and go against the flow even if it is for the wrong reasons? How important is a family for you? Are you willing to sacrifice them for a moment of madness, for a fleeting glimpse of what could have been?

This story will question everything you believe in and more. 

As usual, I put an image widget on the right sidebar of my homepage. You can click it if you wish and it will bring you to my author page where you can sample and purchase the book if desired. I copy the link here as well for easy access. Until next time… 


Daily Prompt: Calling

Tuesday Wisdom

“Never presume to know a person based on the one-dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by posts or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks Beautiful Mind was a spy movie and every stranger is really a friend on Facebook.”

― Shannon L. Alder


Love Your Body

Little babies love every inch of their bodies. They have no guilt, no shame, and no comparison. You were like that, and then somewhere along the line you listened to others who told you that you were “not good enough.” You began to criticize your body, thinking perhaps that that’s where your flaws were.

Let’s drop all that nonsense and get back to loving our bodies and accepting them totally as they are. Of course, they will change—and if we give our bodies love, they will change for the better.

The subconscious mind has no sense of humor and does not know false from true. It only accepts what we say and what we think as the material from which it builds. By repeating these positive affirmations over and over, you will be planting new seeds in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, and they will become true for you.

I Love My Body

My body is a glorious place to live. I rejoice that I have chosen this particular body because it is perfect for me in this lifetime. It is the perfect size and shape and color. It serves me so well. I marvel at the miracle that is my body. I choose the healing thoughts that create and maintain my healthy body and make me feel good. I love and appreciate my beautiful body!

When you practice affirmations to Love Your Body, stand in front of the mirror and repeat each new thought pattern ten times. Do this twice a day. Also, write your affirmations ten times during the day. Work with one affirmation a day. You can also write your own positive affirmations. Then if there is any part of your body you still dislike or have a problem with—use that particular affirmation daily for at least a month, or until positive change takes place.

If doubts or fears or negative thoughts come up, just recognize them for what they are—old limiting beliefs that want to stay around. They have no power over you. Say to them gently, “Out! I no longer need you.” Then repeat your affirmations again.

Where you stop working is where your resistance is. Notice the part of your body that you don’t want to love. Give this part extra attention so you may go beyond the limitation. Release the resistance.

In this way, within a short time, you will have a body you really love. And your body will respond by giving you excellent health. Each part of your body will be working perfectly as a harmonious whole. You will even find lines disappearing, weight normalizing and posture straightening.

I love and appreciate my beautiful mind.

I love my eyes. I see clearly in every direction.

I love my nose. I am the power and authority in my world

I love my back. I am supported by life itself.

I love my hips. I carry myself through life in perfect balance.

I love my legs. I move forward in life, unencumbered by the past.

That which we constantly affirm becomes true for us.

– Appreciate Every Inch Of You by Louise Hay


In Another Lifetime

This song sums up my past affairs (yes affairs plural) and for the most part, the greatest times of my life. They are echos now, but those brief moments had given me unforgettable memories I often revisit when I need a place to hide or something to sustains me when the weather is bad the company dull the evenings dark and the morning cold.

Daily Prompt: Sincere


…interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

For Today’s Task, we’re prompt to expand a comment we made earlier into a full-blown post. I found out I have no desire to do so. It is not because of lacking substantial comments to choose from, I just don’t feel the need to rekindle old conversations unless it is really, really necessary. Luckily they give us a couple of options to chose from. One of those is: to free-write on the topic of comments in general; and of all the alternatives, this is the one that looks more appealing to me so I decided I would give it a go. To give our brains the nudge, they provided us with these wonderful ideas:

  • What’s the best comment or compliment you’ve ever received?
  • Do you have a blog comment policy?
  • Do you enjoy online discussions, or do you thrive better in person?

Before I go into that I would like to discuss first my personal takes on networking. First: I write sensitive topics that (I know for sure) don’t appeal to most people in general. Let’s say my posts are not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore they don’t really prompt readers to comment, which I can understand. What would you say to someone who is harbouring deepest irrational fears and turning her house into an arsenal for no valid reasons without offending her sensitivity and sounding like a psychiatrist or patronizing?  

Placing a comment on one’s blog takes courage. You don’t know where it will lead you. Which others might say: it’s a sort of adventure bring it on. Easier said than done of course. The proof of that is about ninety percent of readers keep it to customary “well done-great blog-love it- sort of comments. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with it, comments no matter how generic and uninteresting they are is better than none. Getting someone to say something to you is evidence enough that you are visible and there are people out there who actually read you. Isn’t it wonderful?

Though I don’t get that many comments, the ones I get are mostly deep and substantial and often longer than my own blog. I cherish and appreciate those. And I always answer to comments, meaningful or not. I find that the least I could do is to return their effort. If people is nice enough to give to you some of their precious time, appreciate it at least. Especially when I do not go out much to check out the neighbourhood and smell the flowers. You see, I am a hermit. Cyber or real life. I prefer/like to keep busy with my own affairs. I have plenty enough in my head as it is without going out there and leaving senseless comments on topics that don’t interest me. But if once in a while I stumble upon blogs that impress me, I see to it that I leave my footprints out of real interest without expecting nothing in return.

I am aware that my way of blogging is not ideal but this is me. I cannot change myself for the sake of votes/likes/comments and follow. Maybe someday I will learn the joy of real networking but for the meantime bear with me.

Now, I promised to tackle the three ideas they gave us at the beginning of this post and I always keep my promise. I have Palabra de Honor (grin)

  • What’s the best comment or compliment you’ve ever received?

Like I said before, I appreciate and cherish every comment I get. I am grateful of those who make an effort to reach out and talk to me. And I’m not good at dealing with compliments. They make me uneasy. I don’t know how to answer them.

  • Do you have a blog comment policy?

Yes. Respect is on the top of my list. Observe golden rule and you will be okay.

  • Do you enjoy online discussions, or do you thrive better in person?

I am a good conversationalist and a genuine listener (so I’ve been told) I captained a debate team more than once and I did lots of impromptu versified debate in my time. When I graduated from college, my mentors told me to broaden my horizon and go into psychology. I think that says enough.

When it comes to any discussion online or not, there are three quotes that I live by. Here they are:

  • I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it

  ~ George Bernard Shaw

  • Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

~ Albert Einstein 

  • Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

~ Churchill

I hope this is enough to warrant some serious thoughts from the readers.