My Own Private Idaho

What prompted me to have a blog didn’t come from my own thoughts but from someone else’s. I was lost that time. Tired of so many betrayals and falsehood surrounding me and was looking for a place where I can be myself without the obvious consequences but didn’t know where to go.

Then one day while browsing the net, I encountered a poem that speaks of my inner thoughts and deep buried feelings; of a glorious place where I can put down my heavy baggage, don’t have to be a part of social ethos and false sham, time is non-existent and no one holds disguises.  Where I can heal my dying soul and will find a space to be free.  

And I thought: “That’s it! That’s where I want to be.” Though the author of the poem doesn’t have a blog and not a part of anything that has something to do with social media, I know that the only place to be myself anonymously is cyber space.  It took me a while before I decided to actually create a blog page and that was some five months ago. The rest is history.

Here is the poem that inspired me to be a blogger. It was written by a woman named Lilith-Laurel. Enjoy…


Alas, my wandering soul
Looks for a peaceful haven
Away from daily tumult
Of impurities shaven

A smokeless piece of paradise
Unmarred by life’s cruel vices
Where time is non-existent
And no one holds disguises

And so I go seek the land
Which truly speaks my language
The one place where I can let go
Of all my heavy baggage

Where solely beauteous music
Can inspire me to rapture
Where purely the divine
Can come attempt my capture

Where my heart is revived
And finds again true reason
Where harmony invades all feeling
Into heavenly explosion

Vibrant once again
With the desire to live
Filling me with moonlight
That transpires through my veins

Where pain subsides as I’m
Caressed by wind’s pure murmur
And nearby swoons of all the trees
Drop in to add for nurture

Where my tears fall down
Becoming one with the alluring stream
A silent howl of anguish
Gently calmed by nature’s dream

Oh how, my angel
You careen my dying soul
And bring to it again
The essence to be whole

Oh how sweetly you sing
And answer my most desperate plight
No longer am I lonely
Or lost in this maze of life

No longer hiding in my cavern
Obliged to offer glam
To join some social ethos
To slumber in false sham

Just rolling in your hills of breath
With wild, amazing ecstasy
My chains broken, all secrets gone
I then find space to be free…


23 thoughts on “My Own Private Idaho”

    1. Angie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for nominating me but I’ve been nominated quite few times since I’ve started blogging and I am yet to accept one. I am extremely grateful though to those people who take time to read and appreciate the effort I put in each every one of my posts. Once again thank you!

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      1. That’s fine, up to you, of course. At least it shows that we do read your posts. 😉 Best of luck with everything!!


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