Wet patch

I placed a comment on an article somewhere (I did not include the link because I have an inkling that the author does not want to be dragged to this sort of discussion. The person is yet to castigate me for messing up the comment section) about what part of a daily life which is awkward or boring we tend to forget while writing and I said:

“This reminds me of the love scenes in most films. They don’t show that one has to run into the bathroom in fear of dirtying the bed, or sofa or top of the washing machine, etc. Really, anyone can testify to this if at least one can afford to be honest in public that nobody in their right mind stays in bed after the deed because it is simply gross! All that running juices and sticky mess… itching and all that jazz… I simply cannot.”

Someone replied to my comment and said yes indeed bodily fluids are often ignored except in comedic situations and proceeded to tell me about a certain song of Lily Allen mentioning a wet patch in the middle of the bed. I checked out the lyrics and planning to forward it to somebody (yes I’m naughty) but the actual song I didn’t hear yet.

I’m wondering why they don’t show the reality of making love in books, movies or in TV series. Perhaps it doesn’t go hand in hand with romance? Ruins the fantasy? Not Disney enough? Redundant? Tell me…

I’m not saying include the running to the bathroom to wash in every bed scene but once in a while will be good for a reality check. It will help us not to idolize and compare ours to what we read in books and see in films. It reminds me of fairy tales stories which media are feeding to young girls from the crib, giving them distorted ideas about relationships and life in general.  If you’re beautiful you will be okay. How about ugly ones, like me? No Prince on a white horse in shining armor? Not fair.

How about you people… do you rather see or not see those awkward moments? And I am not talking wet patch in the middle of the bed alone but all the necessities of being alive like wanting to go the toilet urgently while watching The Hobbit in the cinema, scratching, cramps, belching and allowing gasses from your stomach to come out through your…  you get it.

Or you prefer to keep it nice and sweet as not to ruin the mood thinking the reality is bad enough as it is please give us something to fantasize about even though we know the painful truth.

For my part, they can show anything, as long as it is done tastefully…