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I have a very personal blog. When I created it, my sole purpose is to have a place to be myself, that’s all. I have chosen tagline that reflects my thoughts. My posts have no category. I cannot categorize my feelings nor edit them, so I write whatever comes to mind, unrestricted. How I think and feel show with my choices of images and colors. I tend to gravitate towards monochromatic hues like b&w or sepia. I find that it speaks my language and personified what I want to bring across. I like moody kind of atmosphere, usually dark and foreboding, but that’s me.

It continues towards my preference of widgets. They are very personal as well and each of them is accompanied by either quotes or lyrics that mean something to me. Every widget is clickable and will bring readers to my past musings. Nothing in my blog is coincidental. Everything is carefully chosen to enhance, play and compliment each other in a harmonious way, giving the site the cohesive look I preferred.

I have rotating header images that reflect my hopes, wishes, and dreams, they are mostly places that evoke quiet, peace and serenity, something I rarely have in my head.

Once in a while, I might switch them for something that interests me for the time being. Nothing fancy or complicated, just artsy. Always artsy.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, or how my blog is going to evolve. All that I’m sure is I will continue to be me, writing from the heart, sharing my experiences in a very straight-forward manner, without embellishments,  without adorning the truth. I will always serve them raw and pure. I don’t sugar coat.

I wish you an interesting tour of my humble abode and if you happened to stumble upon some nuggets of knowledge while here, I urge you to pick them up, carry them with you and pass them on. We are here to share.

Thank you for your visit and do come again. The door is always open.

Till next time.


13 thoughts on “My Blog”

  1. Delving a little deeper into your blog today during some found time at work. I am really struck by what you said above about your reasons for writing- “my sole purpose is to have a place to be myself, that’s all.” So simply put, but so meaningful. That is a big part of why I began my blog. At first I thought it was a place to share the things I love-music and photography, and finding a connection between the two. As I continue to write, and after finishing my recent blog series “My Four Seasons” I realized that there was another reason…and I was going deeper into thoughts and memories I have long since forgotten. Mostly good memories, but there is one part that I wrote about in the ‘summer’ part of my life that dug up some bad memories for me. And it was difficult to write it and I will admit to having a few sleepless nights and some tears welling up as I dreaded sharing this with the world as it were. The end result felt really good, and it has been a cathartic process. So what you just said there really struck a nerve with me, and I am really glad to have found your blogs.

    And thank you 🙂


    1. I find that the what hurts the most is the most difficult thing to write. Believe it or not I didn’t even begin to do that yet for I don’t have enough courage yet to dig more deeper in my consciousness to unearth those better forgotten memories. But each time I let a skeleton out the closet and let it dance naked for all the world to see, I see it as a kind of triumph from my part. It’s like exorcising some ghosts; one vanished so many more to go. I admire your courage for letting go of your thoughts and the things that bother you. Keep it up. It’s good for the soul.

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