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It is Spring and it is difficult to ignore its presence. Nature has a way of announcing each season in a spectacular way. Take for instance these Magnolia and cherries flowers cascading from the trees in abundance. I took these pictures with my phone camera two days ago while taking one of my daily evening walks. Isn’t it fantastic? The flowers are so densely arranged I lost counts. I could stay there forever admiring them, bathing in the subtle aroma of the ephemeral blooms. How I wish it could stay this way but to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven they say.


That’s me. A hobbit. I’m so little that my flowers are taller than me. They are Digitalis Purpurea. Better known as Common Foxglove. I love them. Bees love them. A great additional structure in the border. A biennial highly toxic plant that contains digitalin, an extract use for the treatment of heart condition. Easy to propagate from seeds. You can either collect them or let them self-seed. I prefer the latter. I can always transplant them later on if desired.   



The storm gathers as I walk home. Already it’s raining hard somewhere. I can see it happening from here. The way the clouds seem to dissolve and pour down like troubled milk. I like this kind of weather. Reminds me of a quote I once read: Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.



To escape chaos of everyday life, I often take long solitary walks. Most of the time I end up in the dark. Dusk is my favorite time of the day. There is some magical quality in everything. The way the sun slant through the trees, the light fading in pale pink, purple and mauve mix with gray and orange is a sight to behold. The time between twilight and dark is the best to take pictures of flowers. The colors are more vivid and there is more contrast. I love the certain quietness of an evening. It’s like a hush, a whisper, a prelude of something special about to happen…



There was a Cherry Tree in my garden before.  In spring, it was covered with fluffy pink blossoms that dance happily in the breeze. They say Sakura is an omen of good fortune and an emblem for love and affection. It embodies spring like no other tree. It flowers might be short-lived but they remind us of a fleeting nature of life.

I loved to lie beneath the gentle shower of pink petals floating softly to the ground. Sakura is my namesake. Pity that the tree is no longer there. A violent storm ripped it off from the ground… But it will be forever in my memory, all the times I spent reading books under it will not be forgotten. I have pictures to remind me of those happy moments…

Reminds me of this haiku by Kobayashi Issa

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”