There is this industrial area ten kilometers from where I live next to a four lane highway. Since we moved in two years ago I have sort of gotten obsessed with the place. I see it as a sort of Cybertron, an alien place with all those silos, pipes and interlacing passageways. A beautiful dark, mysterious city waiting to be explored. In the night, when it is all lighted, the effect is quite mesmerizing; to me, it looks magical.

One night following my growing obsession with the place, I drove around looking for a vantage point to take pictures. It was not easy since parking is not allowed next to a highway so, I drove to the nearest bridge hoping from there I will have an overview of the whole area. But even though I can see the place from up there, the view is far from ideal. I took a few shots anyway.

Then I noticed that their main gate was open. I saw this as one of a lifetime opportunity to get in, see the buildings up close, have the feel of the place; so, I ran all the way down and slipped through the gate without someone noticing me.

I was so engrossed taking photos I didn’t see the guard coming from behind me. I played naïve, saying I was not aware it was forbidden to take pictures. He said it isn’t from outside the fence, but inside it is. I tried to persuade him to let me stay longer and take more pictures but though he was friendly, he was also adamant. I thanked him and went on my way.

Here are few of the shots I managed to take. Enjoy.