I was walking this afternoon to clear my brain because I seem to be experiencing a blogger’s block which I think different from a writer’s block because I can still write if I have to and I didn’t run out of thoughts or topics to pen about but I have no desire to post or linger in Blogsville. Hell, I didn’t even make yesterday task which is kind of abnormal for an OC like me or perhaps it is just that the reality of life is catching up with me.

I will not go into details about it because no matter how personal my blog is, it has nothing to do with my personal life. Let’s just say that there are a lot of things going on around me lately and all of them major changes.  I seem to be always standing at crossroads these days if crossroads exist in the sea and I’m on a raft heading to nowhere just paddling endlessly. Every which way but loose, baby.

This afternoon I was walking and I came across this dilapidated shack at the edge of the forest in the middle of a swamp far from any sign of life. It stood a little bit crooked and had broken windows. I always have been attracted to these kinds of places. I know it might sound strange but I feel there is life in there, stories untold, secrets waiting to be discovered. I went in.

In closer inspection, I saw a sign of occupation. There was some old furniture.  A broken table, gutted sofa and a chair with a missing leg stood in the middle of the room. I found a couple of blankets on the floor, dirty but usable.  A pile of garbage stood in one corner, mostly food containers, wrappers, empty bottles of water and some broken glasses. There was a plastic bag full of folded papers tied up together. To me, they looked like letters.

If I have more time I will stay a bit longer and scrutinize the contents of the bag, probably read the letters. But as it was, I was running late (like always) and I wanted to reach my car before the sun goes down on me. So, against my will, I moved on. But I promised myself I’ll be back when the weather is more cooperative, probably in the spring…

“Ah, life’s little surprises! They can make any day unforgettable… or make it your last.” ~ T.A. Barron 

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