Sometimes people ask me where I get the images that accompany all my posts. Well, the answer to that is: they are part of my collection through the years even before I started blogging. Those pictures are mostly given to me by friends, acquaintances and email buddies. A large number of them I don’t know and can’t remember where they came from so sadly I cannot credit them properly. I’m sorry about that. In case anyone recognize their images or has ideas where they might be originated, let me know and I will make the proper attributes to their owners.

In case some of you are wondering why I have always two images for each post, there is some technical explanation for that. I found out that if I don’t use feature images my articles don’t look good in other device, especially mobile phones which only display the feature images and titles. Not so attractive and inviting to read that way.

The pictures I put at the bottom of each post are designed for viewing in other sites like Bloglovin which only shows titles and a portion of the body of the article if there is no bottom picture to accompany it. Kind of boring to look at really. So, that’s practically it. There is always a valid reason why I do certain things. Now you know some of them.

4 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. New to blogging and really appreciate this explanation of yours as I had not considered how my site looks on other devices. I learned so much from you this morning about display. Thank you. You have a beautiful website.


  2. Hi, I would like personally acknowledge your amazing work! Your heart is in every word, picture or comment! Your feelings are so alive and when I read any of your stories I feel my heart beating and my hands are shaking from the true feelings to your stories.


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