I’m tired of being scared. What will happen, will happen whether I worry to death or not. I will take things as they come and make the most of it. I will always be careful, weigh my options and try to do what I think is right, but no more paranoid states. No more looking behind the doors under the beds and inside trash cans for boogey folks. No more doomed scenarios in advance, no depressing thoughts, and pre-conceived horrors.

I will try to stir my mind away from negative thoughts and paralyzing fantasies. I will go out there without always looking over my shoulders for evil-doers and all sorts of maniacs. I will not just sit there and wait for disaster to happen. I will try to enjoy life and what it’s got to offer good or bad. I don’t want to be afraid of people anymore. I will try not to be affected by their thoughts and actions. Their judgment doesn’t make me who I am.

I will try to find back the real me, the one that I have lost somewhere along the way, the person who feels too much and in touch with herself, one with nature and sees beauty in everything. I will be the girl I used to know, the one who carries magic within herself and loves adventure and stormy weather; the eccentric insomniac melancholic-choleric free-spirited artsy rebel bohemian gypsy me…


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26 thoughts on “Awakening”

  1. Thank you for sharing about your fear- I can relate! I hope we can share our experiences as we both journey to self discovery/ re-discovery. Fear is my biggest obstacle in my journey but meditation has helped me to embrace it and little by little I am discovering my true self.


    1. Better late than never they say. Sharing is educational and enriching. I am planning to take yoga classes when I finally sorted out my priorities. to calm the nerves. Nobody will do the change for us, we have to do it ourselves.
      Thank you for finding the way to my blog.


  2. I loved reading this to see that I am not alone, because I too struggle with similar problems. Best of luck! 🙂


  3. I had a similar epiphany while driving the other day. When things happen, you deal with them. Until then, no point in getting yourself all worked up over ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing this.


    1. Crossing the bridge when we come to it is easier said than done but like you said there is no use guessing about the future. Better to deal with what is here and now.

      I’m glad to know that there are lots of us out there.


  4. You express the challenges so well. When out head is caught up forever in the fear of what may happen, then we miss the present moment where real life lives. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Wow! I love this. I myself was afraid. Recently I took my first trip overseas. I got to experience what life really has to offer. During this trip, I finally let go. I took risks and actually lived. I commend you for coming into a new beginning, just as I am! I wish you the best of luck. And always remember that everyday strive to continue to grow and become a better you! ✨


    1. I know why you double comment. Because it’s not showing. Sorry for that. It seems I am experiencing some glitz. My pingbacks and links don’t work either since last year.


  6. Wow! I love this. I myself once was afraid. Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to go overseas for the first time. During that time, I took many risks and actually lived. I commend you for coming into a new mind set, just as I am starting to. I wish you the best of luck. To you I say, always continue to grow and build on becoming a better YOU! ✨


    1. This comment landed on my spam folder along with 8 other comments. It seem happening more and more lately. Anyway, We learned from our own mistakes and it always takes courage to own up to it. Thank you for the encouragement and I wish you nothing but the very best in life and success on whatever you decide to do in further.

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