Dying is easy. Living is hard.

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post. 

Dying is easy. Living is hard.

What can I say? We were all born terminal. Forecasted and destined to die slowly and incurably. That’s the only sure thing in our lives, death. No power, wealth, beauty and magic could prevent it. We will all die. Some sooner than the others. An Italian proverb says: After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. True isn’t it? Death doesn’t care about status, it merely collects.

I wrote a similar post once about life, about mortality and the end of it. You can read it here.


18 thoughts on “Dying is easy. Living is hard.”

  1. Simple yet very true statement. I’m also wracking my brain trying to remember a song that has these exact six words. I just have too many songs in my head to pinpoint it right now!


  2. I read most of your work and I love them all and this time too the title brought me here…
    Well written, dear! 🙂


  3. We are all born to die. Too true. A first metaphor I learned for death was “el gran Igualdor.” I was studying Spanish history at the time. It means that, as the Italians say (and the Spanish) and as you affirm, death is the-great-equalizer, falling king and serf alike. For some, this is comfort. For others, consternation. Thanks for your well-expressed, again-evocative writing on this.


    1. It is always a pleasure to know that there are some people who can relate and appreciate my work and point of view. It’s an assurance that I’m on the right track. Thank you.


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