From Me To You

I could make a blog dedicated to you but I won’t (ha!ha)

Though you (probably) more than deserve it

The reason why I’m writing this is: I saw (again) your letter today

I can’t understand…

I ignore you, hide from you, pretend you don’t exist but__

You just don’t give up! (I wonder why)


You congratulate me (when you think I deserve it)

And always ready with nice, comforting words if you sense

(Why you know, you must have sixth sense)

That there’s is something wrong with me,

You are there (in the background) always. Watching…


You reached out (still does) but unfortunately, not far enough.

You see I’m a different kind of girl

For me, no is no and yes is yes. No maybe(s).

You probably think I was joking. I wasn’t.

When it comes to L affair, for me; it’s all or nothing.


Well, here we are, there’s no turning back

I liked you. I still do. You’re different

Somehow you made me believe (a little)

Stupid of me (probably) but past is past

(Like I said) There is no way back.


I wish you happiness and all the good things out there

I know how big your heart is, it loves deeper.

Lucky her. (Lucky you) I wish the two of you together.

A good man deserves a fantastic woman, she’s the one.

But it didn’t happen. Did it? Doesn’t matter. I’m out of line.

 Okay, goodbye for now. And for the record: it’s kind of nice seeing your message from time to time. Then I know that you’re there and (more or less) doing well. And yes, I’m ok…

 ~ from a lunatic, stubborn woman