I visited an old coal mine the other day and I saw this beautiful mine car and support strut at the entrance and I can’t help but take few shots of the remaining evidence of years gone by. The place is so fascinating I stayed there till dark. I must have taken hundreds of photographs of the buildings and the surrounding area. At one point I even squeezed myself in between fence which is already vandalized open to gain access so I can take pictures of the inside. I know it’s dangerous. Dozens of warning signs hang on every crumbling wall but I can’t help myself, it’s so damn gorgeous, the place.  As Arnie said: I’ll be back!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changes


I did not set up a poll or a contact form the other week to collect ideas from my readers because I said I don’t believe in it. Besides, it will not fit in the overall look of my blog; now I am sitting here in the front of my computer empty handed and I don’t know what to do.

Looking for ideas from other people or from snippets of conversations in the common prove to be difficult. You see in order to write, I have to be truly passionate about the subject, I need to have a genuine interest in it or I will not be able to gather my thoughts to form a cohesive post. I always draw my inspiration from feelings, personal experience and opinions about certain things. I rarely or never write about other people’s thoughts.

I might post a quote to accompany my writings but it is there to enhance my words, to strengthen them but never as a source of inspiration. Perhaps it may sound strange to others what I’m saying but to me it makes sense. So, for today’s assignment, I decided to answer the four questions they provided to give us some ideas what to write. I might conjure up another piece for the prompt when a notion hit me but for now, this is the best I can do.

 “I’ve always felt the brain organizes and computes while writing, but the body is the place where story lives.”

— Kathleen Winter

What does the line above mean to you?

If it means all those memories that stored in my brain and all those stories I write based on that memories happen because of my body experience all of it, that I’ve been somewhere, went to places to convert those thoughts and ideas into reality, then I believe in it.

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

— Unknown source, from a fortune cookie

Have you ever felt awake, but in a dream?

Yes. Countless times. Here and here are examples of that.

Have you received a message in a fortune cookie that moved you?

Yes. Literally. I wrote a post about it here

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

I love books. Like I said on my about page, I cannot live without them. I wrote an article about the fate of books in this internet era. You can read it here.

Describe a life-changing experience with a book.

I have none.

Where do you like to read?

Anywhere and everywhere.

Describe a favorite bookstore, library, or setting with books.

Flea markets and second-hand bookstore or book fairs. I can roam around there for hours! My dream is to be locked up in a huge library or museum.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Though I don’t listen to music unless I want to feel nostalgic, I think there is some truth in that saying. Music is a universal language. It transcends all the barriers. Pity that I am not musical. I don’t have timing or rhythm. I can’t even dance. Like I said, I only listen to those songs that bring back memories, otherwise, music is noise to me.  

Tell us about a time when a piece of music moved you.

Every time I hear songs that catapult me into a certain place with certain someone in certain time.

Do you have an all-time favorite song? Why is it significant?

I don’t have an all-time favorite but I can listen to Air Supply music anytime, all night long if necessary.

Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represent you.

Here they are:

I am A rock – Simon and Garfunkel

I’ve never been to me – Charlene

My way – Frank Sinatra

I am what I am – Gloria Gaynor

This is my life – Shirley Bassey 

I will survive – Gloria Gaynor

I think that’s all. For now…