12 thoughts on “DSC02039e”

  1. Oh,… I could stare at this photo for hours. I have yet to identify what I must have done in a past life, to be so magnetized to Industrial machines, and their shapes and sizes. Each car with it’s different wheels and form. The proportions of things capture the essence of a time period, but I have no idea what they means. Just that they speak to me. Deeply. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Thank you.


      1. I am in love with abandonded buildings. And old objects. You made me think right now, that maybe what I am picking up, in part, is the spirit of the people who created and used these objects. Or lived in these spaces. The action, the stories linger among the dust and rust. I have not been able to explain the attraction to large, oversized tools and hardware. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about giant fasteners and hooks. I literally can feel my brain activating as I write about them. Oh… what odd and magical creatures we are? No?


      2. That’s probably the reasons why when a subdivision collapsed and there were lots of people buried, I sneaked past the guard and camp there whole night to have the feel of the place. I wander around cemeteries at night for the same reasons. Abandoned dilapidated places are my thing too. Like you have said, I feel presence there, I caught glimpses of history when I touch old objects. About giant fasteners and hooks, remind me of borrowers.


      3. Sigh…yes. The departed and dilapidated have been regular fellow travelers on my journey. Giant fasteners and hooks remind me of borrowers. I find it beautiful even I don’t understand what you mena. Can you tell me more?


      4. Borrowers are little people (you can google it for more info) living hidden everywhere. They borrow what they need from us, trying to survive. There was a series on TV about them. Their world is so fascinating, everything is so big for them. The blade of grass, the insects… giant hooks and fasteners and buttons and safety pins.


      5. Ciao! I have been thinking about you and your work a lot. I am glad I have found you and I appreciate the opportunity too follow you through the world you travel. I don’t know if you are on Insatgram, but I saw this this morning and it took my breath away. I thought you might appreciate it. https://instagram.com/p/7xZHhYzV7I/ check out some of his other visions. And be kind to you today. On and up, N


      6. Oh, what you write is so valuable. So beautiful. So essential. Without it, we would never know. It would also be just a toxic mess if it stayed inside forever. Get it out. Get it out on paper. Write it out. Eventually something is going to shift. The air will clear. lighten. You are doing extradinary work. Don’t stop.


      7. I appreciate your encouraging words. I never thought that I could reach out there with my writings. I thought it will never mean anything for other people. I hope you’re right that one day, through writing, I can clear out all the mess in my head which is my goal.


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