We have a country house. An Edwardian dwelling we bought seven years ago and restored to its former glory. I furnished the rooms in French country chic (some say romantic style) with a contemporary/modern twist. It got six bedrooms (large enough to house a bureau and a sitting area plus king size bed) a study with an open fire, a huge reception room with a tall marble fireplace, dining space, a bathroom that goes all the way from the front to the back of the house. It has windows at both ends. One with the view of the front garden, and another that has a commanding view across the length of the back yard and the countryside beyond. It has a veranda too and an awesome hallway with an spectacular winding staircase. I so love the place. 

In the middle of a garden is a gazebo (built single-handedly by you know who) as big as a standard house complete with dining space, a sitting room with a large hammock, and a place to sleep. It’s open on both sides for easy access. The place is surrounded by a cottage garden which my daughter often refers to as a wild garden. I like it that way. 

From my bedroom window (mine because I don’t/can’t sleep with anyone but it has a connecting door to his bedroom) I have a view of the entire back garden. There I write whenever ideas come to visit, day or night it doesn’t matter, I’m an insomniac anyway. If the weather is good I write outside, in my pajama or as you can see, in my bathrobe. This place is my sanctuary, my Zen heaven, my little corner under the sun; my paradise…

How about you people? Where is your favorite, secret little corner? 


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