Heaven and Hell

What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously doubt?  Why?

… and co.

I was born and raised Catholic. It was drilled and engraved in my brain since babyhood that sinners go to hell and good people go to heaven to become angels of God. Paradise is reserved for those who follow the ways of the Lord and you will reap what you sow. Karma never forgets an address and what goes around comes around.

Though I saw a lot of evidence to counter those beliefs and experienced most if not all of it, it never crosses my mind to question the authenticity of these claims. To me, they are the absolute truth. My parents said so, the bible says so and the majority of people I know say so. Who am I to question what seems to be universal beliefs?

Till recently. It took me almost fifty years to have a doubt, to do serious thinking, to finally question what I believe to be the truth all my life. It wasn’t easy. At times I seriously doubt my own sanity instead. I asked myself why now? Why after all these years?  The answer is simple: I get tired of waiting. Waiting for a change, for the contrary to happen, to see tangible proofs, to witness the claims. Why evil things happen to unsuspecting good people? Why bad men go on thriving? Why those people who have done me (and others) wrong lead happy, prosperous lives?  

God works in mysterious ways? Everything happens for a reason? I don’t know what is mysterious and reasons for those children who have been abducted by an evil man, abused them sexually and let them starve to death somewhere in a basement of an abandoned house? Or James Bulger? Remember him? And that were only drops in a vast sea of related senseless crimes.

I know that I said I don’t discuss religion and politics because it is not only touchy, explosive subjects, there is also no right or wrong angle in it. But I don’t consider what I’m talking about part of these subjects in general but instead, a topic related to my own beliefs and point of view regarding current and past events in my life based on how I experienced them. There is something happened to me lately that I consider an eye-opener. As if I’ve been sleeping for too long and suddenly wake up in another world. Or perhaps the same world but I can see things more clearly. I don’t accept hearsay anymore. I refuse to believe in illusions, I stop being a starry-eyed chick, I want proof.

I have lost my faith. In God and in humanity. It is not easy for me to say this because I used to believe and see a good side to everyone. But for now, it is the truth. It is how I feel. I will not apologize for it.