The Mailbox

Last night I had a dream…

I  dreamed that I was getting something out the mailbox. There were people standing next to me but their faces were blurred but I must have known them because I was talking to them with ease. 

The mailbox looked like a miniature English cottage, complete with ceramic roofing shingles and sitting on top of a concrete post painted the same color of the outside walls of the house, half buried in the ground for stability.  Those types are not common anymore. Usually you will see them outside old houses, faded and covered with moss.

I opened the flap and stuck my hand inside. It came out sticky, covered in some sort of foul smelling goo. I wanted to know what was inside the mailbox so I bent over and peeped inside…

There was a corpse in there rotting. It was lying in fetal position facing me but the eyes were closed. It was someone I know but I will not name names because I am afraid to put curse on the person or somehow influence the turn of events. I don’t want to feel responsible in case…

In my dream I was not at all surprise finding a corpse in the mailbox, as if it was the most common thing in the world. But I remember making a sign of a cross with my dirty fingers. Then the dream ended…

I don’t know what it means… the dream, the corpse, my reaction, the people… Can someone tell me?


13 thoughts on “The Mailbox”

  1. Who knows? I tend to believe that dreams express in our subconscious something we are trying to work out. Maybe the importance of home is evident here. Home is important enough to have a miniature outside as the mailbox. But maybe home is not there yet? You are still building what for you is life at home. A guess, of course. Thanks for the sharing.


  2. I’m terrible at dream analysis, in part because I can never remember them once I wake up. My non-fantasy dreams tend to be very frenetic, filled with the kind of things that happen which you might call, having the worst day of your life sorts of days. Is it possible it is representing some of the extensive testing you have had recently and you are just thinking about certain aspects of that? I don’t know, like I said I am usually terrible at thinking about dreams so hard for me to say


    1. I’m thinking along that line. Perhaps I finally accepting/accepted my condition and looking at my own mortality right in the face. That would explain the corpse and the not surprise reaction from me. Like death comes at last.

      Speaking of testing. Been to the hospital today and found out that there is a serious problem with my liver. They scheduled me as well for injection in my neck. Three times every two weeks to begin with. They told me it will be like having epidural injection, the needle is the size of a knitting needle. I am having second thoughts especially when they say that it may or may not help. I thought: one wrong move from these people and I am paralyzed for life.


      1. So sorry to hear the latest results. That is indeed a major decision and one I don’t envy you having to make. Lets just say that I hope medically everything works out leaving you with happier dreams


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