By Madalina Preda

Most of my best friends are men. I talk to them about my problems, I cook for them, I help them hook up with girls, I play video games where they pretend they let me win, I have brunch with them and sometimes I even have sleep overs with them. What I like most about my friendships with men is how easy they all are. Somehow, being friends with a man has always worked better for me than being friends with women.

There are little to no expectations when you are friends with a man. If you haven’t called in a month and you suddenly decide to pick up the phone you won’t be scrutinized for not calling in such a long time; you would be welcomed. Easy, unapologetic, fun. With men, the absence of attention doesn’t equal the absence of care.

There is a lot of talk of how men and women can’t really be friends, that no friendship is truly platonic if at least one of them wants to have sex with the other. But why should a friendship be legitimate only when there is no sexual tension involved? Friendships, like any other relationship, can take many different forms. There are the people you love, but don’t love you back. There are people who you love without every saying a word to them. There are people who you want to have sex with, but never will because the bond is greater than the tension. There are men who befriend women and women who befriend men and they want to tear each other’s clothes off, but they don’t because friendship is not about sex, it’s about love. Read the full article here.


Daily Prompt 


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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