Hide & Seek

Writing, pondering
Hiding behind pseudonyms
Unfeigned words reaching
Millions of strangers out there
Sitting behind screens, waiting…


23 thoughts on “Hide & Seek”

  1. It’s amazing how we can be Strangers and yet distinctly Not Strangers at the same time–technology both divides and unites. Welcome to Writing 201!


  2. Isn’t it amazing how close sometimes we get to bloggers but yet are very strangers to each other. Where heart connects, the unknowns become closer:)


    1. We are here to share, connect, learn and be read, or otherwise we will all be keeping private journals. No matter what kind of blogs we have, there will always be an audience for it. Kindred spirit they say.


  3. Nice take on screens, I like how your poem refers to the process of writing the poem haha, really captures the internet blogger society.


  4. I receive this comment from Lilian in the common. Love it!

    “strangers sitting behind screens waiting……love this image. When I think about it, that’s us bloggers in the proverbial nutshell. We write poetry for self expression. We post on a blog to see our words come alive, and in my case, to pair the written with the visual. However, it’s so much nicer if someone comes along and Likes our work……and better yet, takes the time to leave a comment. And so we sit…..behind our screens, waiting.
    Nicely done!”


  5. Just as you are waiting for this comment. Lol! I got your link and can’t wait to read your next one. I’m finding it hard to keep track of people from day to day there’s so many! You?

    Well written and I admire brevity! Bravo!


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