Predictably Unpredictable that would be a proper tagline for me, though I heard myself described as Magic few times already both by my ex whom I was married for over twenty years and often said he has no grip on me and also by my current partner who calls me an Enigma from time to time saying I never fail to surprise him and there are so many facets in my personality that it is impossible to peg me down.

Free spirited, that’s another thing most people who know me better say I am. Most of the relationships I had had failed because I cannot conform to the picture of someone they had in mind. They say I cannot be owned and tied down. When they think they had me, I proved them wrong by flying away. Elusive, gypsy, stubborn, independent and confident, I heard myself being described like that. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not. I find that being in a relationship doesn’t mean one has to be tied down, put in a box and owned. You don’t necessarily have to know the person inside out (beside I find it impossible to really know someone one hundred percent. People grow and people evolved. The person you knew ten years ago will not be the same person today) a little bit of mystery is good for the relationship anyway. It keeps the union fresh and exciting, don’t you think so?

My son once called me bohemian (whatever that means) I wonder how he will describe his father. My daughter on the other hand has countless descriptions of me, none of them ‘mother.’

What I think is: we are a lot of things to a lot of people, depending on who is viewing. In the end it all comes down to perception. Most of it has nothing to do with who we really are and often the opposite of how we think of ourselves.

For now I will stick to what I’ve said in the beginning of this post; predictably unpredictable will be the closest description of who I am at the moment so I decided it will be my tagline.


4 thoughts on “Tagline”

  1. I like it, I wonder what people think of me…not my family just the random people that walk past me from time to time, for a moment we catch eyes and smile at one another signaling good day, at least thats what I think it means being polite, the language of speaking without speaking I guess.


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