Communicating Online

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

Aside from blogging and brief communication with (potential) clients which is purely business and direct to the point, I don’t do much talking online. I rarely (and I mean rarely) send text messages; I rather call instead. My children (and family) often  accuse me of lack of communication for I don’t call unless it matters.  No, news is good news for me. It means: everybody is alright and having fun.

Communicating emotion (and intent) is no different for me online or in person. I give it straight, raw and without trimmings. Though I am more open in my blog than in reality because blogging is like thinking out loud; you say what you mean and mean what you say. You don’t dress up words in order to be polite or fear of being outcast and judged. you just lay it out there for all to read. Whatever might happen next will not affect real life anyway. Different of course for those who are not blogging anonymously, they have to be extra careful to avoid nasty consequences. 

I think that’s it. I covered every aspect of communicating emotion and intent online. If I forget something (which I tend to do so much these days) kindly remind me of it. It is always nice to learn something new…


2 thoughts on “Communicating Online”

  1. Given that anonymity does produce more ‘honesty’, it makes me question the authenticity non-computer mediated communication. I did meet a sociologist once who was planning research into authenticity in virtual worlds, must try to contact her again to see what she found out.


    1. I think honest non-online communication as always depends on individual to individual. But one thing is for sure, even straight -forward people beat around the bushes and dress up their words because majority wants and expects it. Few people can handle the truth. Even me, do that sometimes when I know that the person I am talking to will not be able to take it straight.
      Do let me know what the sociologist finds out. Always eager to learn something new.


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