Running Back

I found this among my old documents while cleaning my storage. It sounds like me but I don’t remember anymore if I wrote this one. So, I googled some of the words and came up with nothing. I visited places I frequented before and searched there but still nothing. I ‘m posting it here anyway. If someone recognized this article and have a legit proof it is theirs or from someone they know, just howl and I will give proper credit to the owner.

I’ve been told by others that all I have to do is stay in line

Don’t shock or rock the boat too hard

And all would be well with or without my help.


I’ve heard some say that it’s easy to just punch the clock

Just take it and give it but don’t make a fuss

And always say ‘I’m sorry’ when there’s nothing to apologize for.


I was advised to be easy, that ‘hard to get’ is not anymore in

And that boys really don’t appreciate a psychotic tease and

It’s all right to f–k if you’re in love (or if he’s filthy rich or on the way up).


I tend to lose focus, though

On the things that is important, like the politics of advancement,

Of smiling at the right people

And the politeness of stabbing others in the back.


I missed what was said on letting it all hang out

Because I was too busy stuffing it back in with the help of wonder bra(s)

And figure forming lycra contraptions

While eating McDonalds and drinking Diet Coke.


I am still convincing myself to turn a blind eye on everything,

Because I was befuddled about what was right and what was wrong

And why we do it in the name of gods, demons and lovers.


I can’t see it or hear it clearly like you do.

But some days I do

And it’s never pleasant

Especially when I’m alone and the vacuum cleaner is saying a lot of things.


So, I always run back here…