How Are You?

… that’s the question I hate to be asked. The truth is_ nobody really want to know. People are just being polite. They expect the customary answer of : Yes I’m fine, how are you, how’s your family the weather, the dog, your job, your philandering husband etc.

Imagine when someone asked let’s say at work at the coffee/vending machine and you tell them the truth like:

“Ah, I don’t feel fine, not for a long time already, in fact since I was born. You see I hate this freaking life. The only reason why I don’t say goodbye to this cruel world (actually it’s not the world that is cruel for this is a wonderful, beautiful world full of gorgeous scenery) is because I am a catholic and even though I doubt the existence of heaven and hell deep down inside I still believe in the possibilities that those places really exist you never know and I don’t want to be punished for taking my own life for I suffered already enough in this one I don’t want to suffer again where I’m going. And my family… you asked about my family? Well, they are lying, thieving bunch of no good who will betray each other including me, mostly me in order to get what they want. Not what they deserved but what they want it doesn’t matter if it’s not theirs to take.”

And you go on and on about why it is that you are not feeling fine. I wonder if they are going to ask ever again: How are you?