A Little Me Time

I was walking in the country side one afternoon when I saw this woman and her dog at the side of the track… I was amused and touched at the same time. I was intrigued by her. By her carefree attitude and clearly lack of inhibition. She just lied there with her companion, oblivious to the people passing by, as if she’s all alone in the world. Amazing… How I wish I could do that. I took these shots of her from a distance as not to disturb her little me-time.

Weekly Photo Challenge

24 thoughts on “A Little Me Time”

      1. Will do! Who knows..I just decided to change up my blog a little-new theme, colors, and a different approach. Who knows where it will take me!


  1. I could not do that. I do not want bugs in my hair, or flees or ticks. I sat on a log to rest and then looked down, ants were crawling on my legs and bit me.


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