Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

Favorite book… Bedtime Stories… Hmmm… We couldn’t afford to buy books and we were always living in the middle of nowhere and library didn’t exist in small barrio schools in my time so, that option/opportunity/chance never presented itself when I was young. Only when I was in high school I had discovered the likes of Hemingway, Sandburg and St. Vincent Millay though I must admit  I didn’t fully grasped or understood their works then. 

But we had battery operated transistor radio. My father’s most priced possession and a necessity for tracking the course of the weather. Like it or not we listened to versified debates, singing contests, and drama/horror/action series till we fall asleep. Programs my father seemed to favored.

For variety my mother told us stories and recited poems of the great Edgar Allan Poe, Greek mythology and Jason and the Argonauts. For my part, I wrote my own fantasy stories, school plays and poems. But favorite books I never had as a child.

Did it influence the person I am now? Definitely. Our past, background and upbringing make us who we are.  And Edgar Allan Poe is still and will always be my hero.