Green-Eyed Monster

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? 

My father said: you can put someone inside a chest under lock and key but if that person wants to escape, s/he will find some Houdini maneuver to be free. I believe it. If a person is not that into you, you can cry, beg, stand on your head; if s/he’s going to leave you, s/he’s going to leave you.

Keeping that in mind, I don’t get jealous. But don’t make a fool out of me because that will be the end. I don’t care to be insulted. If my partner (or a friend) wants to be with someone else, go by all means. I will not be the one who will stand between him and his happiness. I just want to be informed face-to-face. No fooling around, no beating around the bushes, no lying no cheating. Just tell it how it is and I will not even ask why. I believe that everyone has a right to be where they want to be. Just go. 

I don’t get jealous about looks, achievements, possessions, wealth or status of another person either. Each of us has qualities unique to us, no need to feel jealous. If you want something bad, work harder to get it. And if you’re good enough, you will achieve your goals. About looks… well, we can’t have everything we want and beauty is subjective and only skin deep. It fades over time. What’s left is our core, our personality, our true asset.

But if you going to twist my arm I will admit that I envy (I know jealousy and envy are not the same) the youth their youth. How I wish I have more time and knew then what I know now…