Hawking once said that maybe black holes
are nothing but portals to parallel
universes. And you once said that maybe
there’s no such thing as love, and everyone
keeps saying it just because they’re lonely. 
If we jump into a black hole right now,
then everything will cease to exist for us.
There will be no you, and there will be
no me, but the earth will keep rotating.
And my Father will still wish that he knew
how to show love. But by then, we’ll be gone.
And in another realm, we’ll create castles
out of the sand, and there’ll be warm toasted
bread for breakfast. We will sing old songs,
and run around naked because in that world
there’s no one else. You’ll draw a portrait of
an angel kissing a sinner, and I’ll write on walls
about how God doesn’t even exist here.
But remember, there’s a catch. Once you
go through a wormhole, there’s no turning
back. Listen, are you sure about packing bags?

~Honest Musing via Facebook


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