There are no schools that teach us about the reality of real life. There is nowhere we could enroll to learn how to be a good parent, a perfect partner, or how to make relationships endlessly exciting let alone last. There are no courses to follow on how to forgive and forget, or how to heal a broken heart. Where to go if you are suffering from unrequited love?

Of all the fancy high tech gadgets training courses hype spiritual disciplines and whatnot available out there these days, still they can’t come up with something as simple as how to juggle the many aspects of here and now without losing your sanity. How to survive adolescence without driving yourself and your parents crazy? Sure there are self-help books out there, coaching programs and coaching techniques etc. etc. but they are not real schools and I have yet to see it works.

And I am not even talking about situations that fall outside the box labeled ‘normal.’ That’s a long and winding road that never leads to any door so, we will not go there. Not today.

If someone, anyone diverts ever so slightly from the optical illusion road that the majority deem straight, they have only two choices if they don’t want to be ridiculed and cast out: pills or anything to do with psychiatry or psychology. If I am a kid nowadays I will be very scared just to be me. They give tranquilizer these days to active kids who they accused of having ADHD. Why ADHD right away? Can’t it be that the child is simply more energetic than the rest of the class? And then if a kid is quiet, they give him/her pills for depression. Shocking!

How about schools for learning not to be fake, lie, cheat and deceive? Schools to learn how to be honest, respectful, and content instead of being cruel and materialistic? Are there establishments we could go to to learn how to deal with people armed with those traits? If there are schools to acquired a degree in amnesia and how to cure insomnia, I will sign up right away. No second thought.

Unfortunately, it is all up to us to tackle what fate decides to throw on our paths. There are no universities to apply to learn how to survive. In this vast complicated urban jungle, no matter what degree you have or which walks of life you came from, when it comes to facing the problems of real life, we are all neophytes…