14 thoughts on “Vivid”

  1. I had no idea these existed in real life. They look so… I don’t know the word. Neither ‘delicious’, nor ‘beautiful’, but not quite ‘ugly’ or ‘dangerous’. I’ll stick with ‘interesting’.


      1. I didn’t before, but now I’m obsessing over it. I’m just scrolling down and down on image searches, looking at all of the jolie laide.

        I guess I’m a little weird, but I never saw mushrooms as ugly. though. Just interesting.


      2. I can’t even attempt to make an appropriate response to that. Nothing seems adequate, I just wish you could see how happy this comment made me.


  2. Amanita Muscaria or Fly agaric. A psychedelic mushroom. They tend to only show up only in specific places.

    Sometimes confused with the “Death Angel”. Especially when younger. They are probably the most widely known, used by illustrators of children’s books. … See Alice in Wonderland etc. Jefferson Airplane had a big hit with “White Rabbit”. An allusion to it.


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