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I took this photographs earlier today when I was walking in the park and started to get dark. I turned around and saw this scene before me. Immediately I think of Blue Bayou. A song I sing once in a while if I feel homesick and want to go home but cannot. I didn’t have my pocket camera with me so I used my phone again. Looking at the images on my screen, I want to cry. The lights on the water and the ducks (we had lots of wild ducks in the vicinity when I was growing up. They eat fish and my father shot them for food. They taste quite divine) remind me of my childhood, watching the silhouette of my father with his fishnet scooping fish in the night holding a flashlight or a gas lamp in one hand, hunched over the fish cage oblivious of his surrounding and concentrated on the task at hand. I watched him from between the split in the walls till I fall asleep. He died 21 years ago.




Happy Easter

I saw these two giant eggs in the mall when I passed by this afternoon to buy multi- vitamins and a gift for my mother in law for her 60th birthday. I find them cute! It’s part of the decoration for Easter. See those people around it? They seem to be miniatures compare to the eggs. I had no decent camera with me but I had my phone and something is better than nothing so I took few shots. I reckon the images are good enough to give  readers idea how they look like. What you think? 



Earlier today I saw this boat at the other end of the mall and I was fascinated with the changing colors of the lights in accordance to the rhythm of the water. It was mesmerizing to watch the harmonious dance. I stared at it for about an hour observing the hues, silhouettes and underwater spots as they continue to blend and compliment each other throwing multi colored shadows across the face of the shallow water. Amazing. I wish It is located somewhere outside in a park or a square so I can take better picture of it in a more suitable surrounding without the constant disturbance of people walking around…


Natural World

These palm trees which I don’t know the exact name of I saw on my last evening in the island. The light was failing but I risked shots anyway because they fascinated me. The way they’re marching down the beach naturally guiding your eyes to their destination is really a sight to be hold.

DSC01164DSC01162 (2)

Big & Beautiful

I was walking in the country side trying to stick to my 10.000 steps daily routine when from around the corner I saw the blades of this windmill sticking out from between the trees. I hurried to I thought where it was using the blades as guidance and when I saw it in its full glory I was instantaneously in love! How I wish I could live in it or at least build a house next to it because the surrounding area is ideal for my kind of retreat- evoking peace and quiet. But it isn’t for sale and I guess will never be. I can only hope and dream. 


Finding real connection in any relationship is the most difficult to achieve. One has to have knowledge of the opposite party through and through and no one but no one can possibly do that because no matter how open and extrovert a person is, everyone has secrets. Maintaining connection throughout the years is a hard work if not next to impossible. Most people stay together for practical reasons and people constantly evolve. The person you know now will not be the same person in the years to come. Keeping connection alive and working is an art. There has to be a chemistry involved. Deeper connection needs familiarity in the form of recognition. Recognizing a part of yourself in someone and want to feel connected to learn more about the person. Connection is this tiny spark that light up when you meet the right people. It is up to both of you to turn that spark into a real fire and keep it going through hard work.



Here I sit amongst the long grasses and the reed,
in a solitary place, where my breath is freed,
on an Indian Summer’s evening on the lake bed,
autumn has come, yet the warmth has not fled.

Blazing orange skies, are mirrored to reflect,
I cannot imagine a scene being any more perfect,
as I looked up, an unfallen leaf caught my gaze,
spotlighted in the sun’s last golden rays…

~ Kelly Deschler