Mesmerizing to watch. Hypnotic. Calming. Inspiring.

Water in every form fascinates me endlessly ever since I was a little child. I almost drowned three times but the experience never put fear in my heart. I used to jump from the top of a waterfall or a bridge and even now I walk close to the edge just to be near it. Water and sunlight- perfect combination to create life and translate them into something magical and beautiful through photography.


Big & Beautiful

I was walking in the country side trying to stick to my 10.000 steps daily routine when from around the corner I saw the blades of this windmill sticking out from between the trees. I hurried to I thought where it was using the blades as guidance and when I saw it in its full glory I was instantaneously in love! How I wish I could live in it or at least build a house next to it because the surrounding area is ideal for my kind of retreat- evoking peace and quiet. But it isn’t for sale and I guess will never be. I can only hope and dream.