Fairy Tales

Once upon a time she had felt trapped inside her story with its familiar characters and predictable plot… 

She still is.

But her life goes on in reverse

Her once upon a time came at the very end

The happily ever after happened first

Not in the beginning but somewhat in the middle

After the nightmares before the big mistakes…


Then the Prince Charming came not on a horse

Armed with dollars but without a sword

He gave her poisoned apple and left her no choice

She has to bite and swallow the whole

Then she slept and the nightmares began

It took her years to wake up and run…


The forest was dark cold and dangerous

She was all alone little Red Riding Hood

Along the way she met a friendly wolf

He took her home gave her shelter and food

They became friends sort of partner in crime

She helped him to grow big and flourish in life

Her task was enormous taking care of her friend

The wolf was her universe no time for little else…


Years have gone by before she realized

She lives in isolation, a prison without bars

She wants to run away and become free again

Feel the sun on her face wind caresses her hair

But her wish alas can never ever come true

The time has run out it is now too late

She is not anymore the girl she used to be

No longer on land altered beyond belief

Her only choice is to sink or to swim

No other options left____

Her feet became a tail…

13.12.2018 03:12 Thursday
©2018 ImpossibleBebong@My Own Private Idaho. All Rights Reserved.


Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

I don’t believe in happily ever after. In fact, I got something against fairy tales and the way it give the wrong ideas to kids. Those tales convey the thoughts that all you have to do is be beautiful and you got everything going for you. If you are beautiful the prince (or your knight in shining armor) will come riding to rescue you even though you just lie there sleeping for hundred years doing nothing. Fairy tales gives the impression of all roses and moonshines; nothing can go wrong. Just be pretty and see to it that you can carry a tune and the rest will be taking care of.

And most (if not all, though I have yet to see one) of those stories contains a great deal of violence. Think about Snow White and the hunter that the queen sent to lured her into the forest and murder her and carved out her heart as a proof he actually did it. What about those scenes in Tarzan where the mother gorilla was trying to escape the murdering tiger? It was straight from a nightmare people!  Bambi’s mother being shot right in front of him. The shark in Finding Nemo… I can go on and on…

No, thank you. No happily ever after for me. Give me a real life raw and straight and I will deal with it my way. I don’t need a knight in shining armor to rescue me, or Prince on a white horse. There is no such things anyway. Most men are jerks if you give them a chance. And no my heart is never been broken and no I never had (yet) romantic nightmares. No one left me or exchanged me for another younger and better or cheated on me. I am just an observant audience and I saw a lot in my life time. That is enough lessons for me. Enough to write one day my own “fairy tales” about what really happened after they ride into the sunset to happily ever after…


(not so) random thoughts

 I just finished reading a book by P.S. about some random divorced woman named F.

Normally, it wasn’t my usual cup of tea; it belongs to a bunch I recently picked up from a charity shop originally meant for reading pleasure of the weed who will devour anything she can get her hands on without understanding the contents. Ask her about the story right after she put down the book and she will not be able to tell you anything.

Anyway, I must admit I didn’t bother to flip through the pages or read even the back cover. It’s thick, it’s colourful, it will suit the purpose I thought.

 About a week ago, I was looking for some reading materials to pass the time in the loo (I tend to sit longer there than anywhere because of my IBS) aside from the usual supply of spiritual glossy magazines I get in a regular basis from the mother of you-know-who and why not nick one of the weed’s I thought.

 Surprisingly, the book is nicely written and there are some recognizable situations here and there; so, I kept it next to the toilet seat in the master/en suite bathroom.

Though it was a good read, the story is more like a fairy tale to me. Why? C’mon, how many timid, doormat stay-home for 20 years mom with no academic background and no working experience or whatsoever, scorned, crushed and abandoned for much younger woman who will find herself a partner of some big PR firm, bought a new house which btw designed and decorated by some famous architect within a year after the hubby left her? And to top it all, she lost her pasty complexion shed the too many excess pounds become more beautiful than ever and been wooed by a gorgeous journalist within a month after the separation. Okay, the guy is maybe a drunkard but he’s dishy and successful nonetheless.

 I can believe that there are some women out there (once they have read the book) who imagine  that being cheated and dumped by their husbands is the best thing that could ever happened to them and the road to divorce is paved with gold and full of exciting adventures. Some probably would think: if it could happen to F. it could happen to me.

 But like most fairy tale stories, it gives nothing but the illusion of false hopes. Come to think of it, as all fairy princesses, F. is also armed with the most important commodity a woman could have (except her p***y) looks! (surprise, surprise) and guts of steel as a bonus which she never demonstrated during her 20 odd years of marriage. I said to myself: what about girls who look like… me?

 But I don’t want to get carried away towards that particular direction so, I’m going to stop right here which reminds me of something someone asked somewhere the other day… “Which is worse, death (of a partner) or divorce?” and I’m not talking monetary aspects here because if I am then the answer is ready made.

Me, myself I admit a get a notion or two after reading the book; but although some days I am ready to go or locked someone out (which I effectively did last Sunday but un/fortunately my son made a surprise visit so I had to open the door or otherwise…) and complain once in a while, life isn’t that bad; especially if you compare it with others.

Who doesn’t have bad moments every now and then? All things considered, for the meantime; I’m not going anywhere.