Things They Don’t teach You In School

Happiness is an acquired taste to which you can eventually become accustomed, but despair is something surprising each time you encounter it.

Not true.

When bad things are happening for a long time, you’ve come to expect it.

It’s happiness that surprises me the most. It is seldom and far in between___

If it indeed shows up at all.

I would not even recognize it if it comes knocking on my door.

2 thoughts on “Things They Don’t teach You In School”

  1. It’s when happiness hurts you more than despair
    That you have fallen into the shadows of where the world rejoices
    And are beyond the reach of those who live in the light of happiness
    Becoming alien to even those you once called friend
    The biggest disappointment felt when lost in that black ocean…
    …that death has yet to find you and it hurts more to live than to accept death


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