Mankind has legs so it can wander

“I want to be in someplace I’ve never been to, I want to be a stranger to every face I meet there. I want the sky to be grey and the wind to be dusty, I no longer desire a blue sky and fresh air, I want to feel earthy. I want to walk around while my favorite song plays in my mind because my ears would be filled with the noise that waves do when they hug one another…I find freedom in locking myself far away, for freedom to me is not about the place but who put you there.”

~Rim Khiari

Woman hiking looking at view

6 thoughts on “Mankind has legs so it can wander”

  1. To where no one knew him a man wandered, all who asked why he was there were told who he wasn’t
    The ones who asked who he was; to them he gave a smile and an answer
    The ones who remained after he told them his answer; he gave a smile and his friendship


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