Living With Suicidal Feelings 

“Suicidal feelings are not the same as giving up on life. Suicidal feelings often express a powerful and overwhelming need for a different life. Suicidal feelings can mean, in a desperate and unyielding way, a demand for something new. Listen to someone who is suicidal and you often hear a need for change so important, so indispensable, that they would rather die than go on living without the change. And when the person feels powerless to make that change happen, they become suicidal.

Help comes when the person identifies the change they want and starts to believe it can actually happen. Whether it is overcoming an impossible family situation, making a career or study change, standing up to an oppressor, gaining relief from chronic physical pain, igniting creative inspiration, feeling less alone, or beginning to value their self worth, at the root of suicidal feelings is often powerlessness to change your life – not giving up on life itself.”

―Will Hall


10 thoughts on “Living With Suicidal Feelings ”

  1. The liberation from the standards of life by the acceptance that you are capable of ending your own life
    The power that sets our fate into the hands we own instead of the expectations of those that would cause harm
    Just beware the lure of temptation on a bad day from hell as own thoughts may lead to betray us


  2. Euthanasia? Makes me quietly curious as to why medical end of life would be a question raised

    Although from one perspective it’s another form of sucicide, but in situations where the reasons are viewed as more acceptable and somehow legitimate

    For me the promise of sucicide allowed me to be brutally honest with myself, take this year as a proof of concept for either life or death and motivation to try to prove to all ability I had exhausted all my options if death wins out, so to remove regret

    And yet the answer cruelly implies that more time is needed maybe? An extension of a life sentence!


      1. I believe in common terms it is classed as a ‘Reason to live’
        Alas I have many things to keep me in life, but still lack a reason to truly live?


      2. You have a brain, a child and the capability to write
        And anyone on this earth has a better social life than me!

        I am single and shall die that way, three jobs that I am bound to 24hrs (even Sunday if I get a call), failed in my love and social life for the past few years and I have a burn mark on my wrist …I renew it every now and again to remember how to feel anything

        Wear the name ‘malcontent’ proudly and make it work for you, even if others don’t like it, because those that do like it …they will give you all the reasons you need


      3. About social life…believe me we’re on par. In my case, by choice. All the dramas and demands of a social life just don’t work for me. I’ve been there done that. Like sex it is too much ado about nothing. I wonder if I could make a difference in your life we are near. But then again I can’t even make it work for me so how could I ever imagine I would be able to help others. Silly me.


      4. Between you, me and the other odd souls I have found on WordPress
        We could all form the ultimate anarchist group and be more subversive than a political satire magazine on acid!


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