The Tie That Binds

Find me at the bottom of your drink when you raise
your cup and see me
across the room through
the round film of glass.

– Margherita Bassi

We all have dreamt of this special someone whose glance will meet ours across the room full of people and we will feel an immediate connection and we know in that instant that this person is the one. The one who will make us feel like nobody made us felt before. The one who will let us taste the passion and burning desire that will consume our whole being and will make us forget every other relationship we had in the past. The one who will make us cry buckets of tears and going to break our hearts in million tiny pieces. The one who will be unforgettable. The one who will get away.

Sounds nice but the truth is not once in my life I’ve felt this way nor I have ever dreamed of a similar situation with anyone in particular. In fact, when I’ve read the above quote what immediately came into my mind is two married people who are secretly having an affair and trying to hide it from everyone unsuccessfully. Believe you me, when two people got something going on between them, they can ignore each other in public and pretend but hide they cannot. There seems to be an invisible connection tying them together. Like some sort of energy, an electric something shimmering, rippling, across the room and you feel it. They don’t even have to talk or glance to each other for the connection to show. It’s just there, crackling, reaching, linking them, tying them, binding them to each other.

Did you ever experience the same thing? Or witness it?  Am I right? Do tell.


4 thoughts on “The Tie That Binds”

  1. That longing glance….
    Try an avoiding look of paranoia as you avoid the Ex in the super market, that gutter punch anxiety hit delivered by a fright train or maybe not wanting to make eye contact to avoid the risk of getting a scowl
    Or maybe I’m an inherently anti-social type with social anxiety!!
    I do dream of that look across the room but time has jaded my ability to ignore reality and experience teaches me otherwise, but I know it exsists (even if for others only!) because my married and kid producing friends testify to it
    So you are right, but not for all I am regrettably afraid
    Now I must stab my heart a few times more and see if it can die again but I’m out of sharp blades ….found one, love left it in my back years ago with a whole set!!


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