Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder

Sometimes love can be a lonely word which reminds you of numerous heartbreaks, failed relationships and loneliness. You went through this cycle of falling in love, feeling on top of the world, the familiarity that slowly crept in which in turn gave way to differences and finally separation. Thereafter came the all too familiar flood of tears, those grief-stricken moments crying on someone else’s shoulder (or crying yourself to sleep if a sympathetic friend wasn’t around), the endless hours spent in consoling yourself and so on. Finally when the dust has settled and you are up and about, shift your focus on rebuilding your life, nurture those friendships which you had neglected, pursue your hobbies which you had put on the back burner, pay more attention to your work and spend quality time with your family. Explore the world, roam around, meet people and you never know at which corner of life you’ll come face to face with your soul connection or purpose. But never ever shut yourself off from love. All in good time you’ll finally find the love of your life.

― Latika Teotia


6 thoughts on “Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder”

  1. Tried waiting, my patience cliff dived with my hope in a joint sucicide pact!
    But my heart keeps going on, apparently immune to every time I stopped the bar steward beating to feel some sanity
    But I will find love one day, whether it’s a cosy feeling or the feeling of my hands around its neck whilst it goes full on with that heart emoji covered kitchen knife some inconsiderate soul bought me!!
    So Cupid beware, you owe me and I’m ready to claim that debt built over time…


    1. My mother in law is a successful career woman, sociable, presentable, talkative and independent though somewhat naive. She’s single for almost twenty years now despite wanting to have a relationship. I don’t know what went wrong.

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  2. The dark arts of love and romance are wrong, that stinging edge of the threat of becomimg a ‘me too’ campaign if a bloke asks a women out, or entries with a comment about her looking nice to lure out a conversation to find out if she is single

    The question ‘are you single’ a fatal quiery to make as “Are you asking me out” is spoken in a bad tone to turn Medusa an ill colour

    But that’s my point of view!
    To be honest; suffering stress, anxiety and depression is a killer in terms of finding love, be honest and you’re shunned or lie and sabotage the relationship with an endless deception, I’d take the cliff dive option rather than face that these days!!


    1. My, you must be severely burned to rather go hungry than to go in the kitchen.

      How about instead of asking if someone is single just embark into a conversation and see where it leads. Love is not copyrighted for singles alone. Anyone who asks “Are you asking me out” is in my book desperate.

      Perhaps you have to look for kindred spirit. Better even, don’t look and let it happen.

      I never look for anyone, person or love, they happened to be there. In my experience, all someone has to do is go out there and do his or her own thing and the rest will follow. Women don’t even have to dress a certain way to get attention. All people have to do is be their authentic self and enjoy the freedom of being alive and walking.

      And about depression, anxiety and the lot… “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

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