Quick Recap

Right after the New Year, I got the flu and took to bed.

I was so ill I could not stand up for five consecutive days, not even to pee. I forgot what time of the day it was or what day it was. I did not even mind if the doors were open or if the lights were on or not. I was shaking violently under two layers of duvet, sweating like a dog but freezing at the same time. I could not swallow food or tolerate even a sip of water. I was miserable.

On the fifth day, though shaky on my legs, I managed a trip to the doctor. The time I spent in the waiting room was torturous. Every sound magnified by tenfolds and the lights! The lights hurt my brain and the smell made me want to puke violently.

I got medicine for my sinusitis but the flu, you know the flu__ there is no cure for it.

I am still shaky but I can go downstairs now and gulp fruits, the only type of food I can tolerate so far. I managed to take a bath yesterday. It took me two hours and by the time I’m finished I was so exhausted, I had to sleep.

I didn’t leave the house for three weeks now and if I spend another day inside I will be crazy so, sick or not I’m going somewhere, anywhere.

I hope to be back on my feet before February 1st because I have to attend a corporate reception/party of some sort. I don’t want to but duty calls.

Wish me well.

Quick Recap:

Two more trips to the doctor and two different antibiotics later and I’m still ill.

The dizziness,  the nauseousness and vomiting, the never-ending coughs,  the excessive amount of phlegm and the headaches never leave me. I’m out of my wits! What to do, what to do!


9 thoughts on “Quick Recap”

  1. ?Did they check for influenza? It’s a virus so it WON’T respond to antibiotics. We use antivirals, though they don’t work well if it’s in the first 72 hours. I have tested three people this winter, all negative for influenza A or B, though one had a very nasty RSV. Respiratory syncytial virus, which is supposed to mostly make new babies and premature babies sick. These were all people over age 60. Viruses change…..


    1. At this very moment coupled with my experiences in the past make me wary of medical people (no offense please) they seldom get it right and often don’t spend much time to know the root cause instead of treating the symptoms. Sometimes I am inclined to believe the rumors that medical field is a money making business. Forgive my my delusional thoughts. Maybe I’d change my mind when I feel better.


      1. if two rounds of antibiotics don’t work, it’s not very likely to be a bacteria…..unless there is an abscess or something that acts like an abscess (blocked sinus for example).


      2. It reminds me of the time a specialist said to me that the reason why my neck is growing inwards is because I have an infection somewhere. Instead of trying to find out where, he sent me to the hospital so they can bore a hole in my neck and inject ( with a very long thick long needle mind you) cortisone. The process has to be repeated 3 times. I lasted only once. Specialists it seem don’t want to research outside their areas. They didn’t refer me to anyone who could help either.


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