In God We Trust

“I think that God that we have created and allowed to shape our culture through, essentially Christian theology is a pretty villainous creature. I think that one of the things that male patriarchal figure has done is, allowed under it’s, his church, his wing, all kinds of corruptions and villainies to grow and fester. In the name of that God terrible wars have been waged, in the name of that God terrible sexism has been allowed to spread. There are children being born all across this world that don’t have enough food to eat because that God, at least his church, tells the mothers and fathers that they must procreate at all costs, and to prevent procreation with a condom is in contravention with his laws. Now, I don’t believe that God exists. I think that God is a creation of men, by men, and for men. What has happened over the many centuries now, the better part of two thousand, in fact, is that God has been slowly and steadily accruing power. His church has been accruing power, and the men who run that church and they are all men, are not about to give it up. If they give it up, they give up luxury, they give up comfort.”

― Clive Barker


6 thoughts on “In God We Trust”

  1. It is true that people have made up many lies in His name. But God is our creator and he loves you the same as he loves me. I could not have made it through this past year–I was at my end–if not for God’s peace given to me, from Him. The real him.


      1. I don’t worship statues either. I know what you mean about all that. The great thing about Jesus is that he doesn’t look at what you do. I’ve done a lot of things that some would call evil. But he never shuts the door even though some churches do.

        We’ve been reading each other for a long time in these blogs and I care about you. That’s why I wanted you to know that it isn’t about you and me and what we’ve done, it’s about grace. His sacrifice, and his mercy. And love.
        Take care, thank you for listening


      2. I’ts always enlightening to hear other people’s thoughts about everything. I’ve learned so much from listening. Thank you for being there sharing your thoughts and ideas.


      3. You’re welcome. I’ve been struggling for years, and getting close to God helped me so much. I wanted to tell you. Happy New Year. I’m glad you’re writing again


      4. I write whenever my mind is more or less clear and save my thoughts for future reference. Happy New year to you too and I wish you more strength with your ongoing battle.


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