Those Who Prefer to Be Alone Have These 21 Unique Personality Traits

There are people in this world who like to spend time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of extroverts. Others might think that they are this way because they are shy and don’t have the confidence to merge with bigger groups but that’s not so. They are strong, confident individuals who know exactly what they want from life and therefore don’t get distracted by others. Social psychologist Bella DePaulo says that these people do not mind being single and are very comfortable being alone.

These are the 21 personality traits that these people have:

1. Incredible Emotional Strength

Since they spend most of the time with their own thoughts, these people are In touch with their emotions and can understand themselves better.

2. Naturally empathetic

Being observant and kind, they can understand and feel what other people are going through and therefore are in a better position to provide support to others.

3. Strong Moral Compass

These people have a very distinct sense of right and wrong since they contemplate things when they are alone.

4. Open-minded

People who keep to themselves love new experiences and new perspectives. They do so at their own pace and therefore often seem indifferent.

5. Don’t care about peer acceptance

These people don’t feel the need to fit in with others and don’t care about popularity since they are content with themselves.

6. They admit their imperfections

They are aware of the fact that they aren’t perfect and don’t try to pretend either.

7. Prefer the company of other intellectuals

They hate small talk and they choose to mingle with those who share the same interests and intellectual spirit.

8. They value their time

They value their own time as well as others since they know how important it is.

9. Strong sense of intuition

Those who are loners have a deeper understanding of themselves and life and so they are better at connecting with their gut feeling.

10. Loyal

They have few select friends and they’re very loyal to them.

11. Independent

They don’t depend on others for anything and are self-sufficient.

12. Strong well-thought-out opinions on the world

Since they sit back and observe, they hold very strong clear opinions about things but they don’t always share.


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