Lessons On the Male Of The Species

I’ve read somewhere there are only three things to remember when it comes to men.

One: most men need to be told what to do by women. Even sex improves when women take the trouble to point the man in the right direction.

Two: compared with women, most men are inadequate. They are less perceptive, have little or no intuition, are poorer judges of character and, therefore, more vulnerable to criticism. They find aggression immensely intimidating because they are not supposed to and, in short, are by far the more sensitive of the two sexes.

Three: any man who does not conform to this pattern should be avoided. He will be a swaggering, uneducated brute whose intellect will be so small that the only way he can give himself a modicum of authority is by demeaning anyone foolish enough to put up with him, and, finally, he will lack the one thing that all decent men have in abundance, namely a deep and abiding admiration for women. 

I have yet to digest this content for so many reasons. Let me give you a few of those.

One: analyzing the opposite sex was and will never be my hobby. Let them be. If they don’t suit you, leave.

Two: my relationships with them were either too intense, too fleeting or too shallow to leave room for analyzing.

Three: I believe (I know that it says in the above article that most not all men and I’m aware that in every rule there is an exception/exemption) that there is no one size fits all kind of thing. Every situation, like everyone, is on its own unique. There is no general rule we could apply to all, therefore, assuming every male species is (somewhat) the same is I believe bordering on naivety. It is like saying  Men are from Mars and women from Venus. Reminds me of an article I wrote a while ago about Goddesses And Martians. Do read it if/when you have time to spare.

I think over/analyzing a relationship leads to nothing but trouble.

How about you people? One size fits all?