Straight question straight answer

No beating around the bushes

A vague sensation of something is about to happen

Wishing to know the three w’s

You know…

When what, where

And of course to whom

How about the winning combination of lottery numbers

Instead of always impending doom

Can predict the future of others

But have no clue of own fate

Wish everything is so simple and predictable

But predictable is boring

Life is how you make it

Try the theory for real and you will find out that

Like most things it is easier said than done

Good weather with a vague hint of rain from a distance

A perfect day could be energy draining

Being among people even for a while makes me treasure solitude even more

The week has just begun it’s only Monday

Let’s practice Carpe Diem

And Carpe Noctem for the rest of the week

Even better let’s make it Carpe Omnia

See if it works

Goodluck people!