Do you believe in a parallel universe? I do. Could you digest the concept of someone might have an ability to slide from this world to another, like shifting or time traveling? I could. Handy when it’s raining here and you don’t want to get wet. Even better, go where the sun is shining, where I came from, the land of endless summer.

Have you ever had a chance to take a glimpse of another universe? I did. Several times. The last one was a few years ago when while lying in my bed the hairs on my neck suddenly stood up and I knew from experience that something was about to happen. I can detect moments like that by sensing the sudden shift in the atmosphere, so subtle changes like ripples in the air but nonetheless present, and sure enough when I turned around a portion of my bedroom wall started to slowly peel off and revealed a totally different place; a cobbled street with old houses on both sides painted mostly with ochre color. It was just a fraction of a second but it was there as real as you and me in this world. 

The authenticity of my claim is, of course, debatable for so many obvious reasons; one of those is what my son has presented to me for argument’s sake he said that he believes anything I had experienced is indeed real, to me it is but it doesn’t mean it is really so. My son has a tendency to burst my bubbles and keep my feet on the ground. Maybe it is for the best.

I wonder what he would say if I tell him about the time I was trapped between two walls, or the day I disappeared inside a city square fountain or had a conversation with a ghost. Maybe I’ll bother him with the details the next time he visits. 


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