My mind who (because I view it as a separate entity) refuses to accept defeat is my talisman

I may have a Gothic view of life, but I’ve never been a pessimist.

But for a long, long while I have believed that I was until one day when once again faced with obstacles I suddenly realized that is not true, exactly the opposite in fact. I found out that time and time again in the course of my existence when everything seemed hopeless; times when I encountered walls and there seemed to be no way out, dead-end wherever I turned; those were the moments when my mind taught me to paint doors and windows to break out. And beyond that, we created meadows, fields, hills, beaches forest oceans, mountains, and rainbows. We did it to have something to look at, to hope for. To go to.

When everything seemed lost, We made escape routes; paths to tomorrow, because we could not accept defeat, we cannot just stop and accept. There has to be a way out somehow, always… and we will find it no matter what…